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I allready LOVE the NMI Support
Maybe Toni has enough time/interest in adding the HQ2x/HQ4x Scalers in one of the next releases after this one
This would be great for older titles with very low resolution played by people with huge monitors

btw: my old AR3 worked on my old A500/A500+ (Kick 37.300) ... but i don't remember what the trick was .. i only remember there was some minor trick to get the system booting. But it was some weird behaviour and a rude "hack", thats for sure. If i could only remember the trick for the one or two of you having an old AR3 & A500(+) and a newer kickrom. my original powersupply is blown up and i had given away my modified AT powersupply to a friend who lives far away ... if i have to much spare time maybe i modify a new one and have a look at it again.
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