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Originally posted by Slayer
Not alot I wdn't think; a fact that may be important to
the average cpu joe bloggs but I'm totally indifferent.

The only machines considered to be parts would be some
of the many A500 units I have.

Out of the other platforms that I have roughly that all
go are: 4 A4000's 1 A3000T 7 A2000's 5 CD32's 1 A1200
(yes, I destroyed my other 2 by a stupid mistake :P)
3 A600's and about 12 Amiga 500's. etc etc, many addons
one of the A4000's is a Towered 233mhz CSPPC/060.

Once I get my butt into full motion I plan to program
and also electronics... I think you can guess the mad
rest ,)
Have you thought about adding a Video Toaster 4000 & Flyer to one of those A4000 systems? Now that would make your A4000 rock!
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