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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Not only is the quantitiy of games for the mac lacking but so are options for things like joysticks, 3d sound cards, 3d video cards, midi boards. If your into retro games then playing them on a mac would really suck.
Yes, there is a high standard that Macs have, that's why it's propietary.But there's a decent selection. Just look at any online Mac retailer, you hobag. Not just any peripheral can be used. But when I have played on current or fairly recent Macs, never been a problem to play with flight sticks or joypads. And, unlike Windoze, It's quite easy to plug n play. We all know the hell Winddoze gives us with drivers.
One freind has an iMac, the newer one, and his retrogaming is fine, in regards to peripherlas.
It's the emyuators that suck, mostly.
No doubt, Windoze, if only because of ubiquity, wins the emulators battle hands down. The best retrogaming takes place on PCs.
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