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Originally posted by Unknown_K
First off they dont take standard PCi/AGP cards they take apple rommed cards ONLY
The way I heard it this is apple shite and you can buy any card and it whould work, only that if you buy it from an Apple store you pay through the nose for the same thing. But I could be wrong.
Second I was referring to retro games meaning retro equipment like nubus powerd macs , 68k macs were of pentium era vintage which I consider retro.
I am not sure about what you are talking about. If you want retro gaming in a current Mac you can always lameulate. And lots of 68k stuff works, surprisingly, under OS X's Classic environment.
There are alot of joysticks, gamepads, and racing wheels out there that just dont have mac drivers even if you could hook them up physically.
As long as the device is DECENT and HID compliant the mac will lift it up without the need for any drivers.

You said you used 10.1 for a while, how can you be assuming such a load of stuff with zero experience with the current OS?
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