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I actually tried to format a disk which i believe is blank and it refuses to do that to.

Can't initialize cylinder 0 or something (im not infront of it).

I (stupidly) haven't actually tried booting from the game disk yet, as i was only interested in getting this adf off, so i'm not sure weather it is something in wb playing up or if it is a hardware thing yet.

I haven't used WHDLoad before as this is my first upgraded 1200 and on the last one the drive was full of programming and graphics stuff.

There were/are a bunch of games installed on the hd though so maybe the last owner did. I would like to get the adf thing working just so i can use the disks on the 1000 to. I have lost the manuals for a few games and just want to get some cracked ones on disk so i can play again.
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