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Originally posted by staticgerbil
Thats a cool background on the back2roots page.

I have run into an even bigger problem now

I have just got this 1200 second hand and when i put a disk in the floppy drive it just comes up with df0??? I know the disks work because i have tested them on my 1000 and/or my mates 500.

I have plugged in a couple of external drives from my1000 and they do the same thing? Any ideas on that one?

Also it has an accelerator which i think is an 040 of some sort. Is there a cli command or anything that will tell me exactly what it is?

Cheers for all the help.
It's possible the games are virus infected - that's why they work on the A500/A1000 and not on the A1200. Viruses often encrypt themselves with self modifying code which crashes on machines with caches (A1200 with 020 or in your case your 040?).

Another explanation is the games are NDos (so when you load workbench the disk will come up with DF0??? as the name) and because the bootcode has been badly written they will not run on A1200's etc.

If you have an A1200 with accelerator you should be using WHDLoad to run games anyway
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