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Originally posted by Akira
OS X is what I'm talking about here, never liked the old Mac OSes. And if you only tried 10.1, you should try 10.2 because it's quite a leap forward. I hated 10.1, it was pure shite.

As far as Panther goes, I liked a lot of the features, but the one I REALLY really like is Exposé
Most of my macs are old collectables like the IIfx, Quadra 840AV, Quadra 950 AWS server, and a few powermacs like the 7500/8500.

I tried OSX when it came out on my 8500 G3-400/1MB, IDE cdrom (40x) IDE hd (40gb 7200 rpm), Ultimate Rez Video, USB card + microsoft mouse, 448MB ram. While I had to hack it to load on the machine it ran ok except for slow video. I just did this to see what the fuss was about and after a few weeks I went back to OS 9.1 which is very nice and fast on that hardware.

I have no need to use OSX and its applications on my macs. I have a bookshelf of old 68k software that I collect and use on my vintage machines for the fun of it. This includes the standard mac stuff plus a few cad packages and mathcad, mathematica etc. The Powermacs were originally puchased to run my Videovision PCI + telecast system for grabbing video to play with and to be able to burn some cd's (the 68k's can do that as well). I have A/UX 3.1.1 running on my AWS server (yes original media and manuals) and its pretty snappy for being unix with emulates OS 7.01 on it. I always wondered what would have happened if apple had ported it to the Powermacs.
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