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Quote from bombjacker:

>> If that is the case then games like Nemesis and all other sideway scrollers were just a rip-off of Scramble! Although as you say there isn't many iso shmups so the fact that it lifts a bit from Zaxxon is good, no? Anyway the gameplay feel is quite different. you can't move up and down on a vertical plane like in Zaxxon! <<

He he, sorry bombjacker never ment it as a negative issue towards viewpoint. I was just overwhelmed with nostalgia for Zaxxon (since I've played on it so many platforms) and after reading your post came out with that outburst!

The last line of my post "Don't see too many iso shoot em ups..................." was indeed a sign of respect for viewpoint as, like you said, not many games of this type exist.

As for the screenshots, just hit "print screen" on your keyboard whilst playing the game to copy an image to the clipboard. Then paste it into a graphics program, save and give that baby some web space.
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