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I tried the demo about a week before it was launched.. don't ask me how I got it running I don't know and the demo was labelled w2k and above. I got a couple of error messages in 98 but after some tweaking I actually got it working.

Graphics wise the game has made a nice transition into 3D. I mean it looks very worms ish.

The gameplay on the other hand I didn't really care for. It's still like the classic worms where you each have your turn to move a worm and fire. Only this time it's in 3D. To help you aim in a 3D universe you've got first person view when aiming, and 3rd person when you're moving. I just found it way too hard to judge distance in the game. I couldn't hit anything, not because I couldn't target them, but because I simply shot too far or too short. This might get better with time.

I was quite disappointed with the explosions too. I'm used to having grenades in the worms games blow a nice hole in the ground. Here even the holy handgrenade only left a small hole in comparison with the grenades from older worms games. This is probably due to the fact that to get everything fitted into a 3D world they had to downsize the width and length of it and then large explosions would probably be no good.

All in all the game got incredibly much harder thanks to the problem with depth perception (that's an issue in all 3D games), there were a couple of things I was not quite thrilled about, but other than that the game seems to have made a quite nice transition into 3D
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