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As Amigaboy says, 3D can work if done correctly. Been recently playing Maximo on the PS2 by Capcom,(think Ghouls'n'Ghosts in 3D basically), & find it's great fun. The camera panning is a complete pain in the butt,(wrong pans, & can't control it), but despite that the gameplay is very fun & addictive-hopefully the camera angle/panning stuff will be sorted out for the sequel,but Capcom deserves praise for that one-I really regret now giving it a miss when it first came out purely for the 3Dvs2D aspect-like all good things its depends on how it's done.

Sorry for the thread hijacking Miggyboy, just wanted to set the record straight!

Interesting stuff FromWithin, do you know if any of the original Worms design crew had anything to do with it? (Asides from Martyn Brown of course!)
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