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Worms 3D

I've put this into Off Topic. Technically it could have been placed into Retrogaming General Discussion, so if anyone thinks it's better there, move it.


Worms 3D has been released in Europe and Australia. I have no idea how old this news is, but my best guess is it wouldn't be more than 2 weeks old.

I haven't played it yet so I can't comment on how playable it is. Worms World Party is the greatest Worms game ever IMO. I hope this one will be just as playable, although judging from the screenshots, it may not be. I only say this because the screens that I've looked at only let you see what the currently selected worm can see, if that makes any sense.

And while I won't stop you, I'd prefer none of this "It's 3D therefore it sux" crap. 3D can, and has been done well MANY times before, so don't discount the game just because it's 3D. The only way of seeing if the game is good or not is playing it yourself.
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