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Originally posted by Akira
When was the last time you used Mac OS? Are you, perchance, comparing your experience with OS8 or earlier machines with the experience you have now with Windows XP machines? Wouldn't that be like comparing CP/M with BSD?
I guess it was OS8, but my PC use Windows 98 SE (I prefer Win98 to Win XP, and will use it for as long as games allow me to), so I'm being fair. :-)

I don't really want to attack macs, but I've used several different versions of MacOS and I've never really liked it much. I've never liked Windows either, so don't think I'm being pro-Windows and anti-mac here. AmigaOS, with the right enhancements, is far better than both.. :-)

It remains to be seen how OS 4 performs, but I don't think it'll be worse than earlier Amiga OS'es, and I know what the guys at Hyperion have done before, so I have a good feeling about it.
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