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I'm not sure if anyone has had a listen to this yet but I would definitely recommend it. I've just listened to the first segment on the Amiga and it was superb. Very well researched!

If you are an Amiga fan then I'd strongly suggest that you have a listen to this. It's very interesting and pretty funny as well. The guy is clearly an Amiga fan and knows what he's talking about.

The subject is the Amiga's history and is extremely detailed. There's loads of info that I'd never heard of and I thought I knew pretty much everything about the Amiga's history. For example the original Amiga developers (Hi-Torro) were forced to change their name to Amiga because of possible confusion with a Japanese company with a similar name who manufactured lawn mowers. lol.

I'm really looking forward to next months show which will be covering the Amiga's custom hardware. I really recommend you guys listen to this. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. You can skip the other stuff and go straight to the Amiga segment which starts at around the 127 minute mark. It lasts for 40 minutes and is highly entertaining.

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