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Originally posted by Severin
I got my A1000 on the 1st October, 1985, one of the first batch to arrive in the U.K.

atm I have 3 amiga's, A1, A4k and an A1200 somewhere. I remember paying £220 for an external floppy drive, £400+ for a 1081, and a vast amount for the 256k ram pack for my A1000. Even in the 90's it was £500 for a 105Mb scsi harddrive and IVS Trumpcard for the 2000 I had then, £800 for an 040/28 accelerator, £350 for P-IV + paloma, around £500 for my 060

Long live the Amiga lifestyle
I'm impressed with the A1000 and date I've passed up
opportunities to acquire the odd A1000 because it always
seemed to arise when I was already bidding on an A4000.

As for the money spent. I understand completely and I
really have no idea where to start with my story so I
don't even think I'll bother.

And Amen to the last part...

and as a side personal note I noticed your birthday was
exactly the same as my younger brother but the year is
the same as when I was born. That's where the guess about
being with the Amiga from the start originated ,)
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