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Originally posted by Unknown_K
30 amiga systems? Now thats a fanatic for you! You are the person the A1 is aimed at, I wonder how many of you there really are these days.

Out of curiosity how many of the 30 are just parts machines and what do you do with the remainder?
Not alot I wdn't think; a fact that may be important to
the average cpu joe bloggs but I'm totally indifferent.

The only machines considered to be parts would be some
of the many A500 units I have.

Out of the other platforms that I have roughly that all
go are: 4 A4000's 1 A3000T 7 A2000's 5 CD32's 1 A1200
(yes, I destroyed my other 2 by a stupid mistake :P)
3 A600's and about 12 Amiga 500's. etc etc, many addons
one of the A4000's is a Towered 233mhz CSPPC/060.

Once I get my butt into full motion I plan to program
and also electronics... I think you can guess the mad
rest ,)
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