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Originally posted by kolorabi During my education, I spent a lot of time on macs (using photoshop, mostly), and I do not think mac apps feel better than Windows apps.
Photoshop is available on Windows too, you know. [/B]
This will reply to both statements.
Photoshop on the Mac takes advantage of the Altivec set of instructions. How does Photoshop take advantage of special PC hardware? It doesn't. Where is the forthcoming Adobe CS pack coming to? PC? No.Will it get ported to PC? yes. Will it feel and work the same or better? No. why? Because Apple pays shitloads of money for this to stay this way. Macintosh has been the choice for creative professional work for years, and Apple knows how to take good care of their niche.

When was the last time you used Mac OS? Are you, perchance, comparing your experience with OS8 or earlier machines with the experience you have now with Windows XP machines? Wouldn't that be like comparing CP/M with BSD?
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