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Originally posted by Akira
Kolorabi: First off I'm discussing in this thread leaving games aside. I don't care about the games. If to judge by games yes, the PC has shitloads more of them. But they all suck, so I don't care if they get ported or not. I game on consoles, period. but that's just different points of view.
Sure, that's a valid point of view. As a games journalist (who work on both PC and PS2 games), I know that there are enough excellent PC games around to last a lifetime. The statement that all PC games suck is way off.

My P.O.V. is as a gamer who know my way around computers, so games matter for _me_.
"Most of the great mac apps are available for Windows too, and if that's not the case, there are equivalent apps that do the same job"
Read my message. How much time have you worked with the Macintosh platform to let you ASSURE that the same apps for Windows work as well on windows as they work on Mac OS? If you would have worked with them for as much as I, you would realize that's a complete fallacy.
During my education, I spent a lot of time on macs (using photoshop, mostly), and I do not think mac apps feel better than Windows apps.

There are most likely apps that work better on the mac than the PC, and as I said there are areas where the mac is superior. In general, though, it's quite clear that Windows is the platform to use if you want the most choice in apps.
And with the "and if that's not the case, there are equivalent apps that do the same job" thinking in mind, I would not be mad using the Macintosh, the Amiga1 or Linux, since there are similar apps for all these platforms that could kind of do the job correctly.
This is true.
I'll repeat myself, GIMP is great, but it cannot replace Photoshop or Fireworks. [/B]
Photoshop is available on Windows too, you know.
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