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Super Aleste rocks, just as every other Compile game..

If you guys like Super Aleste, you really should take a look at the other versions of the game (Mainly the MSX games, Aleste, Aleste 2 and Aleste gaiden, as they are just EXCELLENT)

I don't think Star Force really has an ending... I remember I had a cheated version for it in my MSX, and I never finished it too, even with cheat..

Funnily enough, I was playing Eliminate Down today... it's really a great game. One of the best Mega-Drive shmups, and this says something

And it's good to see someone likes Last Resort. I think it's the best shmup available for Neo_geo (beating Pulstar, Blazing Stars or every other people favourites)... well, Last Resort is my fav apart of Twinkle Star Sprites, but this one is in another league
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