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Originally posted by Frederic
What planet are you from?
Earth. Are you? :-)
I was just at a Apple store today and it's mind blowing.
Mac software support is superb, with the best apps on the best OS.
Most of the great mac apps are available for Windows too, and if that's not the case, there are equivalent apps that do the same job. In a few rare cases, the mac has an edge, but that's mostly in niches which most users are either not interested in or perfectly able to make do with what they've got on Windows.

And with regards to games, there are a lot of quality titles available, but most are ports of Windows games. And if they're not, they usually find their way onto Windows if they're good.

The very fact that the mac survives despite all this is the reason I have some hope for the AmigaOne as well.
Linux is far ahead of A4 on software support.
A4 owners have the worst of it. But even tht platform has superb apps, albeit few. [/B]
Linux has Wine, which is good for gamers. But as someone (Unknown_K?) pointed out, most Linux owners have some version of Windows or other available. If the Linux market is to take off, it needs good Linux-only games, and so far the majority of commercial games for Linux (that I know of) are ports of Windows games (which is stupid, as again, most Linux owners also own Windows).
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