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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Thats just 1 niche market thats owned by wintel hardware.
Your logic is similar to that of Fred's. Just because one or more niche markets are not "owned" by Macs means that the Mac has no great thirdparty support? Or that A LOT of the best applications are available for it? Are the "best" programs only those YOU consider to be the best?

As the niche market analyzer you are you should understand why me, being in the design industry, preffers the Macintosh platform, without coming up with all that "You can do the same with a PC for ten times less money" bullshit. Even when the same tools are available for PC, they run and FEEL better at Macs. I bet Apple pays shitloads of cash for this to keep going. I am sure that if there were no such interests the same application could be made to run the same on both platforms, but the reality is that it isn't. For one example, you have the Altivec optimizations in Photoshop.

OS X is without doubts the only OS you can get that has the best balance of thirdparty support, stability and user-friendliness. And this does not come from a narrow-minded mac zealot who bought it from day 1 and kept with them to the end. I have been on the Amiga until 1997 and then got onto the PC somehow even when I wanted to stick with Motorola and switch to Macs. Nothing on the PC platform offers me that balance, unless I dual-boot or something, which is impractical. I had Linux and windows on my PC some years ago but I got sick of it, I am just not a home user for computers, and for home uses I can use whatever, my Amiga does what I need already (and I have an 030)
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