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Unknown, yes, the 8100 is a NuBus machine. Piece of shite that NuBus, I do want a PCI one.

As for those people who love Windows, have they tried enough other platforms to compare and decide they really love it? And that people who love PCs and hate Windows, since 90% or so of PC users run Windows.. how do you explain that and why don't they move? If you go to school and the big guy keeps beating you up, would you still want to go to school? Would you say "The school RAWKS, this guy beats me up everyday but the school rocks and I still want to go there". It's kind of massochist innit?

And something about Mac application support. Someone up here (kolorabi?) mentioned lackl of apps. Please. That is not the case with macs, it is with A1s and Linux. All the professional apps I need for work are available for mac and, IMO, work better in the OS X environment than in windows.

I have used shitloads of OSes and I chose what's best for me, which has the best balance of stability, reliability, user-friendliness and important third-party support. In the case of the PC I have never been able to switch to other OS, because while they have offered me better stability and reliability than Windows, none has offered the thirdparty support I need. Sorry, but I HAVE to work with these tools, and no, for example, The GIMP is not enough for me, though it's a very good free app.

If I were to use my PC for HOME use, I would choose any of the platforms available, and if I chose the PC I WOULD NOT chose Windows as my operating system.
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