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Originally posted by Unknown_K
[B]I like consoles and think windows 2000 is more of my liking then Xp. When I said people like xp I was referring to people in the USA. I dont know what people in the UK and the rest of europe think.
Ok, there may ofcourse be trans-atlantic differences.
I believe the most popular mac only game series was marathon 1, 2, 3.
But they weren't really that hot from the standpoint of a Windows user (who had/have a lot of choice with regards to 1st person shooters). And it's ancient history now (no matter how good the games were back in the day). :-) The EV series was a bit different in that there were very little like it on the PC, and it's just recently been ported.

As for Marathon, I know at least the second one was released on Windows, and the source to the first one was released so there's probably a Windows version around.
And from what you said its the apps and games that keep you on the platform (same as me and most everybody else). Even though you dont like the OS much your still a windows platform user so a better OS wont make you switch unless there is quality softare which is what I keep telling people who think amiga os will make people switch platforms.
Yeah, and you've got a few good points, but I'm not as pessimistic as you. The problem is that there's a vicious circle - most people won't buy the A1 because of the lack of good software, which means that most developers will stay clear of it because of the lack of a customer base, which means that the lack of good software will continue, which means... you get the picture.

But if it get a killer app in some niche or other, things might change. It might start out as a computer that only "geeks" buy or something like that, but if enough of them buy it, it might get interesting for developers of other apps/games too. And then it might get interesting for more customers. I don't think it's particularily likely that it'll become a hit, but equally I don't think it's wise to rule it out as a viable alternative platform either.
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