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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Maybe you and your 2 close friends are fed up with windows on their old pentiums using windows 95, but the people I talk to love windows xp and 2k. XP and 2k are more stable then any of the 9x/me variations before them. I actually had a better os (os/2) early in the game but stayed with windows 3.1/95 because of the software available and the hardwar support.
I do not know anyone who love Windows. I know a lot of people who defend the PC (and are against consoles), but I don't know a soul who defend the OS. Most people here think it's crap, and are totally fed up with it.

The problem for the A1, Mac (the only Mac-only game that was tempting for non-Mac owners was Escape Velocity: Nova, and now that's available for Windows too, along with the rest of the EV series) and Linux is software support. We're not changing from Windows because it's got the best games, apps and pretty much everything else. It just sucks to use it in between games.
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