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Originally posted by Korodny

Of course, if you supply "alternative" operating systems to people that already have a Win-PC, you will always be facing the same problems:

1. Windows will always have bigger games, the games will be available sooner or they will be a lot cheaper.

2. Everybody has Windows, and everybody can supply your users with Windows *****. If not, they can buy a magazine and get a CoverCD with an older version of an application that would be pretty damn expensive if they would have to buy it for *your* OS.

3. It's a psychological problem: Windows is your customer's main OS (that's what he's used to, he has a wide range of applications installed, etc.). He already has a (Windows-) application that performs task X - if somebody presents him an alternative running on your OS, he's going to ask: "Is it better than the one I already have? Is it superior enough to justify spending money on it?"

You're never going to establish a market for commercial developers this way. Just look at Linux: The OS itself is a tremendous success - I can buy a Linux distribution at pretty much every supermarket around here. But there's no market for commercial developers (I'm talking about desktop applications, not server tools). Believe it or not, the market for commercial Linux games is smaller than the Amiga games market.

Most users (not geeks/coders) will install Linux, play with the supplied applications, and still use Windows for pretty much everything else. You will not find Linux users that completely got rid of Windows.

With the AmigaOne (or the Mac, the approach is pretty much the same), the situation is different: Windows is suddenly degraded, it's no longer the user's primary choice. They have spent a lot of money on their new computer, they're not going to use it as a gimmick besides Windows. You don't have to be better than Windows anymore (in terms of availability of games/applications/content), it's sufficient if you're nearly as good as Windows. The Mac does not have any "killer applications" anymore, yet people are still buying Macs.

Of course you still need to convince people to "switch", but there are a lot of possible advantages that could attract customers:

1. The better OS (that's what makes people buy Macs): Faster, cleaner, more intuitive, more eye candy, more security, more whatever, easier to understand/control etc.

2. The "Hey, look - I'm different" - factor (another reason for people to buy macs): "Think Different - Apple Macintosh"

3. The "geek"-factor: "It's brand new, it's cool, it's well documented - let's play with it".

4. People are fed up with Windows: All around me, people are installing Linux to "have a look at it" - and we're talking about the most complicated and user-unfriendly OS I've seen in the last ten years! If they're going to upgrade to a new computer, they might aswell choose your solution, if it provides more or less the same functionality as "that damn Windows".

Please stop telling that "you need to be better than Windows" tale - one doesn't have to be better than Windows. 100.000 - 200.000 customers might be sufficient to create a viable market for developers. That would be a good starting point. This is not about "Amiga vs. Microsoft", it's about finding enough niches to enable other people (software developers, magazine editors, dealers, corporate support staff) to make money with your platform.

Well, obviously you are not interested in the AmigaOne. But there are millions of people interested in Macs - according to your logic, they shouldn't

Of course, the AmigaOne will have to get cheaper. The good news is: it will get cheaper in time.
I see you have been smoking the crack pipe today.

Just about everybody who needs a computer has one today. They either run windows, macos of some sort, linux (yes there are linux only users go check someday and here them), and some diehard os/2, beos, amiga os, dos, etc.

Maybe you and your 2 close friends are fed up with windows on their old pentiums using windows 95, but the people I talk to love windows xp and 2k. XP and 2k are more stable then any of the 9x/me variations before them. I actually had a better os (os/2) early in the game but stayed with windows 3.1/95 because of the software available and the hardwar support.

The millions of people interested in macs have been using macs since they came out over a decade ago. They like the platform and are heavily invested in it so most stay with it and a few switch to other platforms (market share is dropping slowly). Did you hear all the bullshit that happened when apple quit the 68k and went ppc or when OSX was first anounced? Even mac fanatics dont like change that much within their own product line. They are not buying the macos they are buying the platform with whatever OS jobs packages with it. Its the platform silly not the OS. How many non apple users jump to the mac because of the think different bullshit campaign?

You assume there are people lining up to ditch their intel or mac platform to buy a super expensive unsupported amigaone? The unit doesnt have to initially be better then windows or macos? It doesnt even have to have developers for people to jump to it? 100,000 to 200,000 customers to a niche market would be enough for that niche to exist, but you have to have the hardware/software already done to attract the market not the other way around.

This IS an amiga vs wintel vs apple debate since you have to get people to switch from one of those platforms to the amiga. this isnt the 80's when the home computer was rare, they are in every house.. sometimes even more then 1 in each house. People dont even worry about the os or its cost because its INCLUDED with their new computer wether its windows, macos, lindows, etc. Maybe if the amigaone come out after the a1200 in the early 90's you would have a captive crowd waiting for the upgrade but even the most fanatic amiga users have moved on to the other platforms. You have to convince them to change back.

The amigaone will get cheaper because it gets more obsolete and the prices for the other machines get cheaper at the same time so thats not a winning proposition. What do most A1's come with a g3? You think a powermac user will ditch a g4 or a g5 for a g3? You think intel users would ditch a p4/64bit amd for one? Computers are still sold on processor speed you know, thats why the mac was hurting until the g5 came.

I dont understand how people in this day and age of mature platforms, tons of marketing, established niches, plentiful software, cheap new pc's,and good devolpers a person will jump ship for the completely unsupported A1. If you can find a niche like the other poster mentioned it will work out, but to think you can compete on the bullshit you wrote up top is insane.
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