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Porting PC games to any platform is the kiss of death. A few companies tried to port FPS games and other types to the linux platform but nobody wants to play PC ports 6 months to a year after they have them on a PC.
Of course, if you supply "alternative" operating systems to people that already have a Win-PC, you will always be facing the same problems:

1. Windows will always have bigger games, the games will be available sooner or they will be a lot cheaper.

2. Everybody has Windows, and everybody can supply your users with Windows *****. If not, they can buy a magazine and get a CoverCD with an older version of an application that would be pretty damn expensive if they would have to buy it for *your* OS.

3. It's a psychological problem: Windows is your customer's main OS (that's what he's used to, he has a wide range of applications installed, etc.). He already has a (Windows-) application that performs task X - if somebody presents him an alternative running on your OS, he's going to ask: "Is it better than the one I already have? Is it superior enough to justify spending money on it?"

You're never going to establish a market for commercial developers this way. Just look at Linux: The OS itself is a tremendous success - I can buy a Linux distribution at pretty much every supermarket around here. But there's no market for commercial developers (I'm talking about desktop applications, not server tools). Believe it or not, the market for commercial Linux games is smaller than the Amiga games market.

Most users (not geeks/coders) will install Linux, play with the supplied applications, and still use Windows for pretty much everything else. You will not find Linux users that completely got rid of Windows.

With the AmigaOne (or the Mac, the approach is pretty much the same), the situation is different: Windows is suddenly degraded, it's no longer the user's primary choice. They have spent a lot of money on their new computer, they're not going to use it as a gimmick besides Windows. You don't have to be better than Windows anymore (in terms of availability of games/applications/content), it's sufficient if you're nearly as good as Windows. The Mac does not have any "killer applications" anymore, yet people are still buying Macs.

Of course you still need to convince people to "switch", but there are a lot of possible advantages that could attract customers:

1. The better OS (that's what makes people buy Macs): Faster, cleaner, more intuitive, more eye candy, more security, more whatever, easier to understand/control etc.

2. The "Hey, look - I'm different" - factor (another reason for people to buy macs): "Think Different - Apple Macintosh"

3. The "geek"-factor: "It's brand new, it's cool, it's well documented - let's play with it".

4. People are fed up with Windows: All around me, people are installing Linux to "have a look at it" - and we're talking about the most complicated and user-unfriendly OS I've seen in the last ten years! If they're going to upgrade to a new computer, they might aswell choose your solution, if it provides more or less the same functionality as "that damn Windows".

Please stop telling that "you need to be better than Windows" tale - one doesn't have to be better than Windows. 100.000 - 200.000 customers might be sufficient to create a viable market for developers. That would be a good starting point. This is not about "Amiga vs. Microsoft", it's about finding enough niches to enable other people (software developers, magazine editors, dealers, corporate support staff) to make money with your platform.

You have to provide new content to make any money. If a new style of game i like was made for amiga OS 4 only then I would think about getting the new amiga platform.
Well, obviously you are not interested in the AmigaOne. But there are millions of people interested in Macs - according to your logic, they shouldn't

I dont think I would spend $1500+ for a new platform that just emulates the old A1200 since I already have that and its cheap.
Of course, the AmigaOne will have to get cheaper. The good news is: it will get cheaper in time.
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