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What I can't tell you is nothing to do with what software will run, or even the general public, it's about different markets, and some deals being made...

Most of it's not 'top secret, hush, hush' stuff, it's just that with the amount of crap flying around certain forums and the amount of 'twisting' of any info they get their hands on, the upcoming court case etc., that decisions have been made not to release any news until the public launch.

Go and read CAM, or recent TAM issues, visit

It seems to me that this forum has changed alot of the year I've been here, early on there was alot of 'proper' amiga users, doing all sorts of things, but recently it seems to be mostly UAE gamers who havn't got a clue what they want in a new amiga or even if they do want one, apart from the fact that it's got to be 100% AGA compatible and play all the old miggy games perfectly but also have all the latest pc games ported to it...

It could be time to wander off into the outback of the net and find somewhere not so games orientated
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