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Originally posted by jmmijo
I should have made myself a little more clear on this, yes I know that's what MAC's use, however, Apple has made a proprietary mainboard and I'm sure that they said no to licensing it out or even something similar in design hence the reason I think a brand new board was required instead.
I didnt say to buy a mac motherboard or liscence the design. I was talking about buying a whole mac computer (if you dont have one) and adding a card that takes over the mac and turns it into a PPC amiga. The only design would be the card and how it interfaced with the hardware present on the mac. I dont think any of the new macs have a hardwar rom anymore they just dump the rom code on the harddrive you boot from so its a little easier then making a card for the old rommed machines. I know the old A/UX unix os had to load a mac file before it could boot into unix because of the way the mac built in roms worked. The major proprietary thing on the g5 is the OS and the code that boots the system, other then that its all off the shelf components that can be referenced.
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