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yes it was visicalc, I couldnt think of the name when I was typing had lotus 123 in my mind for some reason.

The intel platform is the PC gaming platform and has been for the last decade . While alot of video editing and digital publishing is done on apple hardware, there is alot that can be done on the PC too. I can think of a system that even comes close to rivaling the amount of hardware available, software available, nich markets it serves, quantity and quality of developers , and userbase that the intel platform has. Linux with millions of users and quite a bit of home grown developers cant make a dent in the windows/intel platform how do you think amiga can? And while there are a few die hard amiga fans there are 10,000x more apple fans. Without some ground breaking compelling reason to change to amiga os it is stillborn before the first 2 bytes of code were typed. They would have had much better chances with an inexpensive PC addon card (or mac addon card) then a whole new platform.

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