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Originally posted by Unknown_K

Well if you like waiting a decade then maybe OS 4 will ship and support 160 chipsets. By then maybe a few people will have written a couple apps and maybe a few games for it. There isnt enough money and programmers behind it to make it viable in my opinion.

I am not saying the platform itself is crap, alot of great platforms have come and gone because of market decisions and lack of full support in the last 10 years. I cant get all worked up over an OS when to me its just the glue that runs the applications I want on the hardware I have to have. Applications impress me and cause me to purchase the hardware to run them, which is what most people do. Its like people buy a console after they decide what games they want to play, not the other way around.

Apple and the mac would not be here today if it wasnt for first spreadsheet being apple II only.
I tend to agree with this as well, as much as I would like to see OS4 succeed, there would have to be at least one *killer* app that would cause users to purchase the hardware.

@Unknown_K, that spreadsheet for the Apple II, was that Visicalc ?!?

Seems to me it was and before anybody knew about Lotus
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