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Time for another *cough*

Amiga OS4 will support 160 gfx chip sets, that's thousands of off the shelf gfx cards...

It only supports 2 atm, but it's still in it's alpha stage, we're just waiting for 'snap' to finish being ported...

Why would I wan't to buy a PC and run windows to run winuae and the old OS3.9? seems an incredibly odd thing to do when I can buy a nice 933Mhz G4 PPC Amiga to run a fast PPC OS on?

Erm, what about the PC bridgeboards and emplant board for the big box amigas? My A1 is quite happy running Amiga, Linux and Mac OS's none of which are emulated, they all run natively...

If the 'quality' of software was better on winslows I would be temped, but it seems to me that their attitude of 'don't bother writing small, neat, fast code, just add the new bits in, and let new more powerful hardware deal with it' and all the adverts saying you need the latest pentium chip even to think about browsing the net, are the major problems in the windows world, or simply put 'don't fix it bung more power at it'

My old A4k does 99% of what I want to do on a computer, it browses the net just as fast as the latest PC hardware, the only thing It won't do is play dvd/vcd's and is a bit slow for 2 or 3 games.

Having OS4 and going from a 50Mhz system to 933Mhz is going to make quite a difference, especially as it won't have windows in the background hogging large amounts of the cpu time...

@Unknown_k and anyone else in the UK

Come to the show, talk to the owners, play with the alpha OS4 we'll be displaying...

Then maybe you will stop comparing 10 year old amiga's with the A1's...

Hmmm, maybe I should start ranting about how much better my A1 is compared to a P60

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