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Originally posted by Akira
No hardware for AmigaOne? I thought PCI, AGP, USB, etc were standard? I must be stupid.

Anyway, as you said, why should we be so anal as to regard one platform as the end-all platform of them all? Why can't I run OS X and OS4 concurrently if there is a possibility?

I would satisfy meself with a proper OS X emu like WinUAE. But that doesn't exist, so my dream of a portable Amiga went out of thewindow. For now.
I mean nobody is making hardware for the thing. Pulling a voodoo 3 out of the scrap heap and plugging it into your amigaone isnt the same thing as a custom made video card that does something special. You might as well go buy an all in one ECS motherboard and run WinUAE on it if your limited to 1% of the old obsolete PC hardware the OS 4 people have gotten around to making drivers for.

You cant run OSX on anything but apples hardware for the same reason I can run AGA games on my atari 1040ST. If you have a hardon for OSX go buy a mac, if your nuts about windows XP go buy intel hardware, if you want to run amiga OS go buy an old amiga, if you want to run linux some nutjob will port it to anything with a processor and some ram just because he can.

The only thing that was close to a modern dual system were the old macs that had pc hardware on a board. Windows running in a window on a mac os machine must have been cool to have when it was cutting edge. This wasnt a slow buggy emulation, its 2 pc's in 1 case kind of like the 3 pc's in 1 case the old commodore 128 was (c64, cp/m z80, c128).

If the retro hardware craze doesnt completely die off maybe in a few years we can buy cheap computers on PCI cards or USB 2.0 external boxes. Nothing like adding an atari ST, amiga 1200, psx, dreamcast, saturn, apple iigs, atari 800, c128, etc on an addon card with 100% hardware compatibility and the option of using the original drives along with your internal hd for storage.
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