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Re: about my previous thread

I would like to point out a few things...

1) As I've stated before TOSEC is NOT responsible for any w arez images floating around on the net. They do NOT distribute anything other than datfiles for your renamer. TOSEC is only responsible for providing information about disks, tapes, iso's, etc. so the end-user can rename their collection to more descriptive filenames. Saying "TOSEC list makes people to think that their games are abandonw arez" and "Tosec is near to came w arez" are wrong statements.

2) I believe Myst is not abandonware yet and is still pulling in $$$. While this may not be entirely true on the Amiga, it's true for other platforms. If you really want it to be classified as abandonware, by all means, contact Clickboom AND Cyan. If you get the greenlight from them to distribute it on the net, great. If not (the likely answer from BOTH parties), then don't complain about it. I bought the game a few months ago for PC from Electronics Boutique for $5 AUS. That's the new retail price. I believe Riven is going for around $10-20 AUS. It's cheap. Buy it if you REALLY want to play it.

3) Retroman did nothing wrong in closing the previous thread and as such, this follow up thread should NOT have been started. The game is still being sold, and is thus not abandonware. Also, Retroman followed the rules of the EAB. He closed any threads which were about w arez. He is not at fault, nor is he hypocritical.

4) Re-reading a couple of my posts I can see that I seem to defend TOSEC alot, only because they are constantly looked at as w arez junkies. I'd just like to state that I'm not a TOSEC member, nor am I a big fan of theirs. While I do like the idea of renaming files to include as much information as possible (and consequently causes me to use their datfiles), I've always hated the idea of loooong filenames, as they have now. It's a double edged sword.
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