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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Most of us know the bug in Vision Factory & The Company - Vroom cracktro where the music makes a funny noise.
Comment by Edvin:

"Yes I know the 'note' in Monday sounds disturbing , but this only appears when the module is replayed in the Company/Vision intro.

I was actually surprised myself when the tune showed up in this intro, since I had no prior contact with these guys. Still I am thankful for it as they helped spread the tune.

Regarding the 'error', I think it is because of an unfortunate combination of the portamento effect and a replay command set to restart the tune, not at the first pattern, but at the second.

The portamento effect 'slides' the sound from one note to another over a given amount of time. When I listen to the tune in the intro it does not jump back to pattern 1 but to pattern 2. The lead in pattern 2 starts with a portamento effect originally designed to continue a note slide from pattern 1. When the song instead jumps from the last pattern to pattern 2, the new portamento 'distance' between the two notes becomes to wide, and thus the little error i believe .

The real truth is that Monday was never completed. It was to short and the last pattern was not ment to be included as I thought it collided with the flow of the tune.

When the tune suddenly was spread, someone may have made an extended version (because the tune is really short) just copying the patterns to extend the module or by setting a replay parameter with a wrong pattern adress. It could also be the player in the intro interpreted the first pattern as 0 and not 1, but I really can't tell for sure.

Anyway, it is good to hear Monday still brings back fond memories for you as it is.

Yes, great memories!
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