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New version released, many changes in sprite background and improvements in animations. Get it now:

V0.6.6 New features and changes:
-Added Import text map feature, this is a text file using comma separated values. tIDE for example uses this format.
-Sprite background code is removed when using a ECS machine. AGA and ECS projects can use the background, it will not show up in ECS machines.
-Sprite background now loops properly every 256 pixels.
-Sprite background movement is disabled during dialogs.
-Added the possibility to allow the sprite backgrond to be affected by camera movement, this value could be fractional.
-Fixed bug when going from a level with sprite background to one without.
-Animations now can be looped or not.
-For non looped animations you can tell the animation to play another animation automatically.
-In animation menu you can use 1 and 2 keys to advance or go back a frame. Use space to play and stop.
-Changed the way texts are saved to avoid extra returns being used.
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