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I spent hours at college playing Donkey Kong Land - absolutely brilliant platformer with great gfx to boot.

Tomb Raider was pretty good - very simlar to prince of persia in some ways but still had the tomb raider feel. Personally, I don't think the GBC had any standout titles.

Denki blocks - Get's repetitive but has that 'must have another go' vibe.

Super Monkey Ball - Surprising well executed and faithful to the Game Cube version.

Chu Chu Rocket - almost identical to the DC versionm it's a little gem of a game.

Crash Bandicoot - Pure 2D platforming with 3D sub games.

Sonic The Hedgehog - Again, great 2D FAST platforming - the sonic sprite is well animated.

Doom - Say no more. It's almost all there and has decent 3D speed.

Currently playing...

Wario Ware - This game is so damn addictive. A series of simple mini games that only last a couple of seconds but it's done in such a way that they come at you thick and fast and the adrenelin starts pumping. Brilliant!!!!
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