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Dont ever use SFS again! It is known to be buggy. It might work well for years if you dont drive it to expose is weaknesses, but when it does it will bite back at you very hard.

Either use FFS if you care about multitasking or PFS3-aio if you want single task performance.

We all tried to persuade Thomas on the "Os" typo, but it seems it is kind of his signature.

I prepared an A4000 A3640 PicassoIV system for one of our beta testers a couple of weeks ago, using WinUAE (because I unfortunately dont have such great hardware) with a 3.9 (BoingBag 1&2) + 3.1.4. It worked without problems, he only had to properly configure the screenmodes though. So if the PicaasoIV is in good conditions, it shouldnt be the cause of the problem you are experiencing. Anyway, in that particular case, I programmed the maprom function of the A3640 to load the new kickstart.

I am happy you do apreciate some of the changes we made.
Just keep in mind that this was just an update, if things go well, much more things could be accomplished in the future.

BTW, if you dont know, I have released an unofficial update script so that users of 3.5 and 3.9 can update their systems with 3.1.4 whilst keeping their icons and functionality. In about a day or two there will be a new version of it in Aminet which will also support 3.1 systems. (Updateto314) So maybe you could revive your backed up system for 3.1.4.

I just hope you keep enjoying 3.1.4, because it was a hell of ride for all of us to make it happen.


PS: Try to insert "ALLTOCHIP" as argument to loadmodule in the startup-sequence. That may fix your bootable issues. Blame it to Phase 5

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