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Originally posted by Amigaboy
That's because Wikipedia is editable by anyone. In this case, it's obvious that 1 or more Amiga users are responsible for the Amiga entry, hence why there's no "bad press". If I were so inclined, I could go and edit the article to make the Amiga sound like another games machine (not that I will).

I'm not saying the Amiga is a bad machine (I wouldn't be here if I thought that), but Wikipedia isn't the greatest place to send people to "oooh" and "aaah" over anything.

That being said, Wikipedia is still a fantastic source of information. I've only contributed to one entry (Martika) and in the future, I may contribute to more, if only to ensure accuracy among those entries that I'm interested in.

Just my opinion.
And your opinion, like anyone elses here, meaans alot.
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