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If we are airing our little gripes ;-) at this point, the intuition library thing bugs me a bit as I read about it.
I just read this on the site:
We decided not to include the V45 intuition.library in ROM because it is not compatible with CyberGraphX. Please try to contact the CyberGraphX authors for a fix so we can (hopefully) include it in ROM in the next release.
So, we have to reboot to manually load the new intuition library because it breaks CyberGraphX. OK..
I understand that IF... ;-) ...
Does it break it so much that that you couldn't have done it the other way?
If the new intuition.library is built in, does the Amiga crash so bad with a CybergraphX that it is just dead in the water.

Or would it work if CyberGraphX owners did a loadmodule/reboot to manually load the older intuition.library?

As it is, I am thinking now might be the time to get an eprom burner so I can try to make a kickstart ROM with the new intuition.library. (OK, I might be using that as a justification to try to talk myself into buying an eprom burner, but still.. ;-)

So, I am not really TOO bothered by it. ;-) But if it would work both ways and you had to decided which one has to go thru a reboot, I would think you should err on the side of people without a CybergraphX.

If however, the new library crashes the Amiga on boot so you can't do ANYTHING if you have a Cybergraphx, then (in the words of Emily Latella)...
Never mind..

(I think I am just psyched about the new 3.14 and wanted to comment..)
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