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Originally posted by Akira
I really think Fighting Spirit didn't have animation as smooth as that of a NeoGeo. It DID looked exactly as a NEo, on still screens (that was the idea, FS is a Fatal Fury ripoff), but something was missing in the game. maybe it was the controls.
Programmers did the miracle to made such graphics without compromise playability. Of course there's a lack of frames in the animations, but still a great playability, IMHO. A wide range of moves different for each characters, a HUGE job, indeed.

And Shadow Fighter is great, but I don't think the crappiness of the sprites lies in the lack of colours (I've seen MAD SHIT being done with few colors), I think the artist didn't have a clue and they look like cack. Poor-man anime-wannabe gfx, mesays. The game is still superb.
I never said SF sprites looks crap, but poor compared with FS. The graphician was forced to use only 8 colours for OCS version because limited from the other resources (parallax scrolling, animated backgrounds, more animated frames). The game is very good, no doubt about this.

Elfmania had great graphics, but the characters were too bland for a fighter. Body Blows had great characters, but the gameplay was cack.
The main problem about Elfmania is that you don't feel the blows hurting your opponent... the same problem as Body Blows...
And, yes, sprites are too cartoons-oriented for a beat-em-up. Still great graphics, but my vote remains to Fightin' Spirit.
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