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Thumbs up And thanks to PYROMANIA for his link

.......Took the time to read the article and watch the vid before I typed reply , its interesting to note the author was happy to accept sound problems , which would have most newbie computor owners up in arms , but isn,t that Korodny,s point ? This machine is NOT for beginners it doesnt come with " trainer wheels " Like all big kids it gets me excited again about the propspect of eventually getting my hands on a G4 machine so I can finally kiss goodbye to having to use my wifes PC for certain things . I refuse at the moment to give my downstairs computor space to any thing Non amiga { My eyetech tower bears the logo ] . Being one who has plenty of time to learn new things I look forward to future posts as A1 becomes better reported and OS4 becomes a proven system ......Heck I refuse to be a pessimist.......ALL the time !
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