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Originally posted by killergorilla
Yeah but surely Vectors don't count as polygons? They're not solid objects surely?
That entirely depends on how you define it.

Mathematically, there is not any difference. A polygon is just a "surface" - i.e. coordinates are stored for each point. So an asteroid in Asteroids is a polygon - though they are 2D (and so obviously just two coordinates per point). Maybe something like Star Wars being 3D geometry (at least visually) - so the sides of the H fighters are all polygons. I wouldn't like to think how they could calculate that in 2D - but one game certainly did it - Battle Zone - that was fake 3D, but then you only moved in 2 dimensions anyway.

You could say that you wanted to know the first game to use hardware driven polygons (maybe Asteroids/Star Wars do though) or perhaps they have to be solid polygons to qualify.

In this case, the first game I know of to do this is I-Robot.
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