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So, Update Pack #9 is now ready, which contains the following:

743 configuration updates (see post #1208).

12 game updates:
... Aladdin [AGA]
... Apidya
... Conquests of Camelot - The Search for the Grail
... Deep Core
... Elf (MicroValue)
... Helicopter Mission
... Indy Heat
... Obitus
... Shadow of the Beast
... Wonder Dog SE
... Wonderboy in Monsterland SE
... Worms

2 new game additions:

Super Pumpkin Bros [AGA]
Trap Runner
Anyway, it's uploading as I type this and PMs will be sent out afterwards


Note: you will need to make the following changes after applying the above pack...

Delete these configuration files:

a) Elite Advanced.uae
b) Gunbee F-99 - The Kidnapping of Lady Akiko [AGA].uae
c) Phoenix Fighters.uae

Rename this directory from "C:\WinUAE\Games\Phoenix Fighters" --> "C:\WinUAE\Games\Phoenix Fighters AmigaCD".

Delete the file "Skate Tribe (1991)(Wood, J. - Symons, G.)[cr Slipstream][AMOS].adf" from the "C:\WinUAE\Games\Skate Tribe" directory.

Sorry about this, were mistakes on my part

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