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Good call, Djay! I'm just waiting for the GBA to get some more top original titles instead of all the SNES ports. It's getting better by the week, though... I'm really interested in one of those GP32's, with all its great emulation support. Sounds like a dream handheld for me.

Bloodwych & Killergorilla -- the magical 96!!! I spent an hour doing that "fly underneath and swoop up" level over and over and over again until I got it. A big cheer went up in the room when I did!

Wish I still had some of those C+VG Mean Machines mags...

Drunkensailor -- would love to get a Saturn & Dreamcast some day... I always regret not grabbing a Dreamcast I saw in the local paper being sold with 150 games, for a price which I found out later was amazingly cheap. F'N STUPID OF ME!!! But at the time, I had no money
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