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Originally posted by killergorilla
Unreal wasn't impressive at all. Those flying sections really did nothing for me. As for Turrican 2, I never played it!

And Bloodmoney did nothing above create a decent shooter with average gfx.

Disposable Hero was awesome for OCS/ECS as was Project-X and Ruff'n'Tumble and Flashback (Amazing animation bar none)

Sorry but Agony was extremely underwhelming. The character was awesome but the background and enemies where awful. Talk about dull, coolourless sprites! And as for Beast, yeah it looked good, but the play was so repetitive repetitive repetitive that it sat back in my mind while I played games such as Alien Breed and Faerytale!!!!
The question was 'what was the best looking game'.... playability doesn't enter the equation!
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