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....That there is an alternative and its possible many of us at this board would like nothing better a miggy that gives us full compatability with other machines AND still run " Retro games & apps ".
That's a common misconception. Nobody expects to make big money by selling Amiga desktop computers. The Amiga (-One) might be a viable desktop alternative in a few years, but until then, it's just another collector's item.

The AmigaOne has two selling points:

1. A slim, fast and responsive OS that is easy to use and maintain (unlike Windows, Linux or MacOS X) and has a good bunch of Multimedia applications available (unlike BeOS, QNX and the like)
2. a reliable hardware platform that features low power consumption aswell as low heat/ noise dissipation and makes use of off-the-shelf expansions (PCI-, AGP-, USB- Hardware).

These advantages may not be enough to conquer the desktop market at once, but they are very interesting for parties that need embedded appliances, kiosk systems and the like. This is Eyetech's core market (they only established their Amiga retail division (in 1997(!)) to make sure that they always have a good bunch of replacement hardware/parts available) and this is the sole reason that Eyetech even bother about the AmigaOne. This is where they are going to make money, not by selling to Amigans - the fact that Amiga users get a new desktop platform this way is just a side-effect.

Even if it would be technically viable to make AGA compatible hardware (it isn't - Boxer, anyone?): nobody would care, as it would be pretty damn expensive and there would not be much money to be made. Especially when software-based emulation has reached the high standard represented by WinUAE.

The point being Amiga is now just a name , some will say I,m talking heresey ! there is NO major Amiga manufacterer and hence there is no Amiga software market to be exploited.
Right. But even in the market's current (extremely pity) state, there's new commercial software developed: MediaPoint RTG, Hollywood, FXPaint, IBrowse 3.x, BurnIt 3, Audio Evolution 4, Papyrus... It will certainly take a few years until the market is viable again, but I suggest that you give the platform a chance before deciding it's doomed anyway.

About that "it's just a name" thing: That may be valid for you, it certainly isn't valid for me. To me, it's the only logical evolution of the original Amiga.

Surely we are past the point where the hardware has to be from one dedicated supplier ?
We are past this point. Contact Hyperion if you have a PPC platform available and want to have OS 4 running on it.

..especialy without seeing the working OS4 not just screen shots ....its user reports that open my wallet ...not company blurb
OS4 has been demonstrated throughout Europe the past few months (IIRC, the next event will be in France, early November). Currently several big cities in Australia are featuring "OS4 on tour" events. A video of an AmigaOne booting OS4 can be downloaded somewhere (can't find the link right now, but I'll have a look).

Get your facts straight, please ;-)
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