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After owning both machines, I'm torn between the megadrive and the snes, but went for the snes in the end.

The megadrive had some fantastic titles that just dropped my jaw when it was first released. I managed to get hold of a converted jap model way before there was even a sniff of them in the UK along with an infra red arcade joystick. First games I had for it were revenge of shinobi, golden axe and ghouls n ghosts - the graphics for the time were just amazing and that was as close to a coinup game I'd ever experienced in the home.

Year and a bit later, I started reading about Fzero on the snes and it's superior technical abilities in comparison to the MD. That was it - I had to have one! First day it was released I picked up the pack from dixons - it came with Super Mario World, 2 controllers, SCART/composite/Audio L+R lead and a very low serial number 00000946 or something. Still have this pack is pristine condition. Later SNES releases never had all the kit like the original pack did.

Completing Super Mario World was perhaps one of my greatest ever gaming experiences - I played non-stop until seeing that 96*, signifying I'd completed all levels - fantastic. Mario Kart, bomberman, street racer, fifa all had me multiplaying with friends for week after week.

Super Aleste. SF2 Turbo, Mortal Kombat, Super Probotector (why did UK versions get lame names???) oh the list goes on.

Both fantastic games consoles that dropped my jaw when they were released. Loved buying the C+VG console specials with loads of screen caps from the 16-bit consoles. Still flick through them now and again – great memories.
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