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Smile I don,t disagree with the Idea....

....That there is an alternative and its possible many of us at this board would like nothing better a miggy that gives us full compatability with other machines AND still run " Retro games & apps ". The point being Amiga is now just a name , some will say I,m talking heresey ! there is NO major Amiga manufacterer and hence there is No Amiga software market to be exploited .
Loyalty and stupidity do not HAVE to be bedfellows ,its like this if a POP band of the Sixties sells its name to a tribute group who wish to cash in on " retro Nostagia " the name carries... is it the same ?....... Surely we are past the point where the hardware has to be from one dedicated supplier ? most of miggies expansion,s were third party anyway ! it can only be the OS that makes the diference.....MAC , Atari , Miggy all used motorola but different OS,s the idea of returning to an old G3 as a way forward raises doubts because of this compatability question ..especialy without seeing the working OS4 not just screen shots ....its user reports that open my wallet ...not company blurb
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