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Big grin Now hold on a minute .....

.....If you open a poll drunkensailor do not expect anything but contradiction and cries of " where,s choice X etc " this is subjective each of us can say we prefered different systems for various games but to slag off an entire company ? ..........espeacialy Atari.......Do you not know of the mighty Frederick grand master of OFF can you dare to risk cyber suicide ? by insulting the makers of the ST & said they made shit games ...thats your opinion but do not berate others whose perspective is different ...espeacialy as many pointed out earlier your Anti -atari this personal ? were you forced as part of some experiment to play atari 2600 catapillar for 3 months without sleep ?....did you have nightmares about Pacman ? ...................come on guy fess up ....Before we have to send round he who will see the truth
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