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Re: Re: Re: When nothing seems to be happening ...

Originally posted by Frederic
What of the rest of the world?
Nothing has changed there, Eyetech still supply the dealers as before, they're just not supplying to the public anymore...

Software Hut in the U.S....


Games? I agree, if I wanted games I'd buy a cheap games machine, maybe a second hand Mac or similar...

As for your list, Give people a chance!, neither the hardware or the OS has been publicly released yet... Wait until 6 months after the A1-Lite hits the streets...

I bought my A1 as a net / gfx / dtp box... not for games. As for internet incompatibilities, that's due to M$, if they stuck to the official standards, instead of adding bloat to make you use their product then all Amiga browsers would be as compatible as the PC ones...
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