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I hate to say it, but my Windows XP machine does everything I need, has all the best programs and games. I can't any reason to buy an A1 other than pure nostalgia - and I don't have the money for two systems anyway. I'm not a big Microsoft fan but my WinXP machine is pretty stable (more so than OS3.0) and I'm an above-average computer user so I have no problems with security issues. If I had the extra cash I'd probably buy one, but I'd also like a bigscreen TV too.

Where are games like Half Life 2, Doom 3, World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, for the A1? While it might be a nice OS, it's the games that I'd really miss. Unfortunately any current Wintel machine you buy these days is much more powerful than the A1, and so much cheaper too.

I'll wait and see how things change in a few years time...

Oh yeah. I think the PegasOS butterfly logo looks better than the Amiga boing ball.
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